Frequently Asked Questions by Homeowners

How do I pay for services rendered?

We accept credit cards for regular payment methods. We will email your invoice at regular intervals. You can mail us a check at that time or make other arrangements if necessary.

How do we communicate with you?

Inspection reports are sent to you via email. If there are immediate problems that need to be discussed we will always give you a phone call from the home as well as the report via email.

Do you inspect my home after severe weather?

Yes because Arizona, especially in the summer, can have some very severe storms causing damage. We inspect all homes after severe storms as part of our service. These inspections are conducted at half our normal rate and are just to make sure there are no leaks or property damage. We do not perform a complete inspection at this time as we have many homes to check in a short period of time but if your regular inspection is scheduled for the next day or two we will go ahead and perform your full inspection for the regular price and not charge you for the storm inspection.

Is Home Monitor a security company?

Home Monitor is not and we do not take the place of a security company. Our scheduled inspections do offer some security in the sense that we are at your property regularly. We will also discover if something has been vandalized or the home has been broken into and we will be able to check the current condition of the water valves, hot water heaters, RO systems and other items at your property that a security camera just cannot do.

How do I know my home is being taken care of while I am away?

Home Monitor from the time they set foot on your property takes pictures while we inspect your property. We will email you our detailed checklist with updates and include pictures as well.

Is Home Monitor licensed and insured?

Yes we are licensed and insured to offer our services in Arizona.

Who conducts the home watch inspections?

All your home watch inspections will be done by one of our highly qualified staff members.

Why not have a neighbor watch my home?

Neighbors are great and usually free of charge but most of them do not have the expertise to properly inspect your home which is a very large investment on your part. In most cases neighbors pick up your mail, newspaper, maybe take a quick look inside your home and then watch your home from across the street. We video record the visit to your property, that you can see and watch as well, to ensure your property is being cared for. We use an extensive checklist to assure each potential issue can be detected before it becomes a major problem. We are available at all times both for your regular inspections and if there is an emergency. You never know if your neighbor is going to be in town or on vacation. Our fees are a small price to pay for knowing your home is being taken care of by professionals.

Are you available 24/7?

Yes we are available 24 hours. Contact us at any time.

How often do I need someone to inspect my home?

This is your personal decision. We here at Home Monitor tailor to your desires. If an issue arises it is always best if someone can catch it before it becomes a large problem. For safety reasons once a week would be best but many clients feel every two weeks is sufficient. We can schedule inspections for once a month as well. We believe that less frequent inspections do not provide the level of security needed to ensure that your home is properly taken care of while you are away.