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Concierge Services

Sometimes you are just too busy to get everything done, so let us do it for you.  Home concierge services can allow you to enjoy life without getting tied up in the details of projects. We cater to you and your needs so you can stay focused on the more important things in life.

Home Monitor luxury concierge services are here for you.

  • Landscaping
  • Pool maintenance
  • Vehicle detailing
  • House Cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping

Our Concierge Services

Cleaning Services

We arrange for cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and anything else you would like done prior to returning to your home.

Handyman Projects

With the help of our sister company, TKS Solutions, we can accommodate almost any size project, from hanging pictures to building you a new bathroom.

Services Assistant

We want to be there to help with whatever needs you have and provide you with your very own services assistant.

concierge services by Home Monitor

Vacation Rental Assistance

Do you need a team to manage your investment property?
Having an income property can be a very financially rewarding investment, but managing the property can be a hassle. Many of our clients do not live in-state full time or just own property here that is solely intended for vacation rental property. Ensuring their property is maintained before and after vacation renters have stayed can be worrisome and difficult to manage.

Our Vacation Rental Assistance services include:

  • A thorough walk through of the home and property before the arrival of the vacation renters, to ensure that the home is ready for guests. This walk through includes, cleaning and maintenance inspection and completion (if any repairs need to be done).
  • Upon the arrival of the vacation guest, we give them a tour of the home and property.
  • While the vacation guests are staying in your home we are their point of contact for any questions or emergencies with the home.
  • After your vacation guests leave we do another walk through of the home and property, checking for damages or loss of property. We will provide you with a full report of feedback. Then our cleaning crew will come in to do a full home scrub down and refresh, ready for your next vacation guest arrival.

We have found that having a local concierge service company helps your reviews and feedback tremendously. It also helps you to know that someone local is keeping an eye on your investment and making sure bookings run smoothly!

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